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If you've got it, flaunt it! These links go to sites that belong to some very talented members of our group.

Maggie's Rags - Maggie creates beautiful original knitting patterns, and now she's writing a book! Read all about it on her website.

Simpson & Co. - Spinning and weaving equipment, Nature's Finest Handspinning Fibers, handcrafted artisan DreamCatcher Handspinning Fiber Blends.

Strauch Fiber Equipment Co. - Otto and Joanne build quality tools for handspinners. Drumcarders, hand cards, ball winders, swifts, stools - great products!


Classes, Workshops

John C. Campbell Folk School, North Carolina

The Mannings, Pennsylvania



Certificate of Excellence - Dying?

ProChem - Dyes



Yarn Express - Discount designer yarns- sign up for their e-mail notices

elann.com - discount yarns -- sign up for their e-mail notices

Lion Brand Yarns -free patterns-- sign up for weekly news letter

Knitter's Review - weekly news letter, yarn reviews, knitting related items.

JoAnn Fabric and Crafts - you can sign up for e-mail notices of yarn and craft supply specials

The Sock Calculator - Enter the info for your socks, and it generates a pattern. Pretty cool.

The Girl From Auntie - Lots of knitting stuff, including free patterns, and copyright information for crafters

Smiley's Yarns - Discount yarns

Knitty.com - Online knitting magazine

knitlist.com - Message board for knitters

Knitting Software, Inc.- Software for knitters


Misc. fiber-related resources

Interweave Press Spinning, knitting, weaving, beading, needlework, fiber arts, natural living. Be sure to check out the individual magazine websites. They often include bonus web-only articles. Oh! And you can get Lily Chin's pattern for Martha's crocheted "Freedom Poncho."

Textile Links Weaving resources, plus spinning and dyeing.

All Fiber Arts.com   lots of links for all fiber art

PluckyFluff.com Crazy inspiration yarns

Felt Pro - If you want to buy real wool felt, they have it. Save you all the trouble of sloshing around in the tub with wet fleece.



Halcyon Yarn. Spinning, weaving, knitting, etc. They provide lots of information about the yarns they carry - including stitch gauge, yards per pound, ends per inch (for you weaverly types); they offer very good customer service.

Yarn Barn of Kansas. Spinning, weaving, knitting, etc. Another site that give plenty of info about the products they carry.

The Mannings. Spinning, weaving, knitting, etc. They also offer classes.

WEBS - Spinning, weaving, knitting, etc.

Housecleaning pages for selling and buying used fiber equipment

Simpson & Co. : Spinning and weaving equipment, Nature's Finest Handspinning Fibers, handcrafted artisan DreamCatcher Handspinning Fiber Blends. The Spunsters LOVE Dave's fiber blends!

Cyber Fiber Mall : a collection of fiber related shops, many links



Maryland Sheep and Wool Show - Sheep, or shop, til you drop!

Sheep Breeds - Oklahoma State University provides information on the various breeds of sheep.

Strauch Fiber Equipment Co. - Quality tools for handspinners.

Wyatt Spinning Wheels



Handy Hands Tatting - threads, equipment, etc, free patterns, lessons.

Tat's All - "Your one-stop tatting shop"

Georgia Seitz's web site - She runs online classes and has lots of resources and such.

Paradise Treasures - Bina Madden's web site. She's an amazingly good tatter and has lots of good info and patterns and such on her site. She's also online a *lot* and is IM'able for real-time questions, advice, help, etc.

Sharon's Tatting - Sharon Briggs's web site. Another excellent tatter with tons of good info, patterns, etc on her site.

The Palmetto Tatter's Guild "Our mission is to promote the craft of tatting and spread it like kudzu across the South!". They're based in South Carolina.

Handweaving.net - Weaving draft archive. This website contains 49247 weaving drafts, with more being added often.


Just for fun

Lawre's blog

Knitting Sister - Lawre's sister's blog

Keyhole.com - Satellite and aerial photography of anywhere on earth.. can find lodging, restaurants, parks, hurricanes -- you name it.. zoom in and out- fly from one place to another-- loads of fun and info

Blacksburg Historical Dance Society - This is what Liz is doing on wednesday nights. Y'all are welcome to come and dance with us any time.

The Holiday Snow Globe - "I love to shake it up and listen to the little people scream." Liz :-)

Bartleby.com - Great books online. Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Quotes, Fiction and Non-Fiction. It's like having a reference library on your computer.

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