The 9th Annual Spin-in

On June 4, 2005 Spunsters, Spinners of the NRV, and members of the West Virginia Fiber Network got together at Joanne and Otto's house for a day of spinning, eating, and good conversation. We had a great time!

Spunsters spinning and talking

Trying out the Weavette.

Hey! It really works!

Our lovely host

Our lovely host. :-)


Spunsters gathering, May 26, 2005

Buster was rather determined to help take pictures of Claudia's knitted and felted purse.

Claudia's purse. The sheep was needle-felted to the completed bag.


Artsy photo of the frog fountain, just because it's so pretty.


One day, Lawre met a frog...

Lawre and a very handsome frog "Honest! I really do turn into a Prince. A Prince with lots of sheep! Yeah, that's it! Lots of sheep!And angora rabbits, and cashmere goats too! Heck! I'm such a wealthy prince I can get you any kind of fluff you want!...Hey! Were are you going? You forgot my kiss!....


Photos from Maryland Sheep and Wool

Joanne demonstrates the Strauch Carder at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Joanne demonstrates the Strauch Drum Carder to the crowd.


"I hope my fleece gets carded on a Strauch Drum Carder!"

Here's one of those "it's a small world" stories.

The gentleman making white oak baskets here is Robert Watson. He cuts down the tree, splits the wood, and weaves the basket. Robert's baskets are beautiful, functional, and durable.

Robert is not only a great basketmaker, he's very good at talking to people and explaining his craft. He's also a very nice, charming person, and has a great sense of humor.

Lawre bought a basket from Robert (below) and took these pictures. In talking with Robert she discovered a mutual friend - Spunster Liz - used to work with Robert at Colonial Williamsburg back in what she likes to call "her previous life."

Turns out Liz found Robert at the show too. They had a short, but happy reunion. Liz promises to put a photo from back in the "olden days" up here as soon as she can.


Robert Watson demonstrates making a basket out of white oak.

Robert Watson explains white oak basketry to a young child.

Lawre bought this basket from Robert.  


More photos...