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Sheep dressed up in a quiltGive a Sheep a Quilt:
If you give Carol a chance visit in Berkley, California to a used bookstore which had a copy of Mary Thomas's Knitting Book, she then has to visit to the once upon a time "Straw Into Gold" fiber and knitting store where she sees beautiful handspun yarn and an Ashford spinning wheel. After she has learned to knit, she then wants to spin her own yarn. After she gets a spinning wheel, then she wants to make her handspun from fleece so she gets a carder. Then she wants to card faster so she gets an electric carder. She then wants something to do besides knit with her handspun yarn. So she gets a loom. Then she wants to take classes in weaving so she gets a portable loom. Then she wants to weave with handspun cotton so she gets a walking wheel. A friend who does knitting, weaving, and spinning wants company while she goes to a quilt class. Then Carol wants to quilt. So Carol must sell her electric carder to get a really good sewing machine. So now Carol, who was born in the Year of the Sheep many many decades ago, and marrried a man who was born in the Year of the Sheep, and whose French ancestor on her mother's side had a last name of Mouton, looks remarkably like the picture shown here.


Elizabeth. After almost 40 years of raising sheep and teaching shepherding, spinning & dying in southern New Jersey I have now immigrated to southwest Virginia. What a surprise to find and be able to join with the Spunsters, real live adults who shepherd, spin, dye and create all types of fiber art and crafts. And they talk "adult talk," as well as share their experiences.

Quilting is also one of my passions and I attend quilting conferences and take workshops. Nine grandchildren keep me buys quilting for them and their parents. Southwest Virginia also offers quilt guilds and groups - as well as other arts and crafts. Looking forward to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival --- and when is the next retreat?? Contact me at elizabeth at Spunsters dot com.


Liz in a fluffy snow  hatHi! I'm Liz. Since being exposed to fluff at a young age (see photo, left) I've been in love with yarn and fiber and crafty stuff. Weaving is my passion, but I also enjoy spinning, especially when I can do it in the company of my Spunster pals. Right now I'm having a great time teaching weaving for the Fiber Network at their studio in Lewisburg, WV. More...

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